Dog beds

Soooo I alway have issues with dog bed, most of the time I just buy what's on sale but there is a big part of me.... the design part of me that wants a cool dog bed one with style and is just like a duvet for your bed..... well it happened and it's cheap and super cute!! mollymutt.com they have doggie duvet the biggest one is only $45 to me thats a deal. Now my dog bed can match our people bed??? whaaat that sound crazy... but it makes me happy.

Just like this photo

What does cheese, home grown tomatoes and turkey bacon have in common??? They are all yummy for breakfast!!

What have I done!

So we have 3 doggies and with 3 pooches come all kind of great ahhhh... smells??? all the dirt laying, farting, rolling in dead things etc etc. Also Pickle having a issue sometimes going number 1 when she feels like it in the front room... I think it smells alll the time. I know it doesn't because we spend alot of money on steam cleaning the carpet every few months.... what a pain in the ass spending money on carpet you HATE!!! sooo with that said, Ricki and I have talked about pulling up the carpet squares and just having concrete floors, it's a modern house why not, I like it? One day I had enough!!! I pulled up the carpet, (not that hard its just panels layed down nothing under it just the concrete.) I got concrete stain at lowes for $20 buck and followed the direction (some what) and this is what happened.....

The floor waaay before

The floor before

...and after

floor after

Redo'in floors???

This is the final effect Im super happy with it now but when I started O' man it was a pain in the ASS, and I think it looked pretty bad :( sooooo now it's pretty f' in cool!

Out with the old in with the lettuce?

I planted my first ever veggie garden a few months ago and it was some what of a success... kinda, I had some problems one in particular my female greyhound Pickle Pants. Even with a fence up she still stuck her head in and ate all my cucumbers and zucchini leafs and all... but I did notice that she won't touch the peppers of any sort hot or not. Soooo with that in mind I started my second crop but in the front to protect the other veggie is peppers! My friend Heather found this super cool site called sproutrobot.com it tell you when to plant stuff, which is always my big question!! Just enter your zip code and it will tell you what to plant! its that easy! so sprout robot told me lettuce and root type veggies. One photo show the older side of the garden with peppers and tomatoes and now some cabbage the other photo is red leaf lettuce and a zucchini waaay far back. Good luck little guys your safe from a evil Pickle Pants!!


Sunday with Dad and Linda

My dad LOVES a pastrami sandwich, I could not seem to find a good one in Long Beach? well I wanted to take him to one of the famous places in Los Angeles, Canter's Deli! It's awesome! My dad got his sandwich and he didn't speak for at least 10 mins. This place is a very much a makin dad happy place.


Gold mine in my kitchen!

So I have lived in Long Beach for 5 years now and I moved quite a bit of stuff from Georgia, I kept it in storage for about 8 months, moved into my very own place and was shocked at how much CRAP I lugged from the South to the west!! 5 years later not alot of my crap is still around, BUT I did keep this little gem, not sure why a purchased it in the first place but I did and I'm glad for it. I was in the kitchen looking for something to make for a pool party and looked in my cabinet and had for some reason 3 cans of chick peas, hmmmm hummus! I dug up my mini food processor and wrestled with it for a solid 15 mins was thinking it was broken. It wasn't threw some chick pea and other stuff, pressed the button and BAM! hummus it was that easy! Now I know why I got that little guy! to make fun dips 5 years later....... yeeeah right.

Trio of Hummus

Ricki and I went to our friends birthday party this Saturday she is a vegan! I wanted to do some type of dip for her something full of flavor and fun! soo I did a trio of hummus.

all 3 of these just put into food processor and blend til desired thickness.

Spicy black bean hummus-

can of black beans
1/2 cup for frozen corn
1 jalapeno (I took one from my garden!)
a table spoon on tahini (if you want you don't have to use it)
little bit of olive oil
2 cloves of garlic

Artichoke Hummus

1 can of chick peas
1 can of artichoke hearts
1 table spoon of tahini (if you want again!)
1/2 a lemon
splash of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

Baba ganoush

2 med eggplants
(roast in over at 350 til tender, poke with a fork)
3 cloves of garlic
1/2 lemon
salt and pepper to taste

That's it! Then any kind of chip you like pita or corn chips whatever!


I'm so sorry!!

I run 6 miles almost everyday or every other day... I think about all the cool thing I could put on my blog... all the cool things I could talk about on my blog... and yet I do nothing... I will try to do more, I see all of the cool blogs on the web and think about how I could be post even cooler stuff but I don't. I'm gonna try, really.

Sweet tats!

Just did a few tattoooos pretty cute!

Hotlanta after 5 whole years!

So I went to Atlanta after being gone for 5 years!!! It was nice to see my friends, my house etc etc! but I really came for 3 things..... pictured above!

Garden Crazzzzeeeeee

So my gal pal Heather and I have gone garden crazy, I started a garden a few months ago and now I'm started to get veggies here and there but I still go out every morning with my coffee and water my garden and stare at the baby veggie trying to figure out when I should pick them... So I have the "ok" from my landlord to make my side yard a whole garden! I have big plans and I promise I will keep my blog followers (all 19 of you!) a breast of this adventure!

Shop Butthole

Mini Man comes to work with me almost everyday but I have to say lately he has been a butthole.... Or maybe we have been spending to much time together... he sleeps in the bed with us and he comes to work with me, I think the only time we are not together is when I work out. No wonder he is a jerk! spoiled with a side of spoiled!!

The "When Ricki goes out of town diet"

Ricki goes out of town alot, and like to do some silly type of "diet" or "detox" soooo this happens to be my new fav one... feel free to try it if you want I lost 5 pounds in two weeks.


Right when you wake up eat some fruit of your choice (apple, pear, banana) and a big glass of lemon water.

hour later... 1 cup of brown rice or 1 cup of quinoa with a little honey on it. (This is not so good but you can power through it)

For lunch AND dinner- Choose 4 cups of any kind of veggies! (mix it up mostly greens) steam for 4 or 5 mins depending on the veggie. Keep the water.... This may sound kinda yucky but you can warm up the water and add a pinch of salt and drink it when you are hungry.

OK! Thats the way the detox was listed, BUT I changed a few thing, I add lemon juice to the veggie steam, and sometimes steamed tofu (extra firm) and for breakfast I also ate flax seed oatmeal.

I did it for 9 days it was awesome I never really felt hungry and I felt pretty skinny... kinda.

Born Free on a Cupcake

Me leaving the bike show, I was sure that when I attempted to kick my bike over that it would fall over on top of the and I would break my leg.... just because 10 or so guys were taking pictures of me. BUT my good ole gal started on the first kick!!

Born Free Bike Show!!

This was one of the best bike shows I've ever been to!! Not only was down the street from my house BUT, my pal Harpoon helped to run this awesome show! Here are a few of the bikes that I saw that were pretty cool.


Rose and anything

Anytime a person comes into the shop and they want a tattoo and it's something, anything like the top of a guitar or a eagle etc etc, I always want to add rose! I don't know if it's conditioning or if I really just like roses as a filler, I've been tattooing for almost 10 years now and I never get tired of tattooing a good ole traditional rose! I guess it's true love for me and roses. Plus they are good and covering things up as well, both of tattoos are cover ups with roses... Thank you roses for being so awesome!

Mahi Mahi yummy yummy!

Pan seared Mahi Mahi w/ butter bean mash

2 mahi mahi steaks

1 orange

rub for the fish

1/3 cup brown sugar

2 tbsp sweet paprika

pinch garlic salt

1 tbsp dryed cilrantro

as much as you want pepper

canned butter beans

salt and pepper

bacon bits


A few hours before you cook the fish make the rub on a small plate, then rub that fish on both sides!! make sure all the rub sticks to the fish. put in it a bowl and squeeze a orange over the fish and marinate for a few hour in the frigde. (Do this before you go to work if you want the longer the better)

In a large skillet put a dash of olive oil heat til med/high drop in fish and cook 3 to 4 mins on each side depending on thickness fish should be brown on each side. Keep the rest of the marinate and after fish is on plate toss the rest of the marinate in the skillet, it will carmelzie in a about 2 mins, then pour over fish.

butter bean mash

drain butter beans, put in pan and heat on low, with a potato masher mash beans then add salt and pepper with as much butter has you want a pad or 2, than add bacon bits! (yes bacon bits) stir in!

add what ever GREEN veggie or salad (you always have to have something green, that’s is what my mom always said)

A new banner???? Really?

I have lived here in Long Beach for over 5 years now, my friend Tyson made me a banner for going to tattoo conventions.... 5 years ago and Im still using it!......, Im lazy and afraid of making a banner painting at that scale it's scary, plus I've never painted with acrylics (ok I'm sure I did in art class in high school but really now does that even count?). My friend that I go to most conventions with always see me pull out my well worn 5 year old banner..... gives a little sign and looks at me like REALLY!!, Well not this time Gary!! ahhh I've been working on my banner for a month or so, it looks ok for my first attempt. I just want to make you proud and it really has not been that hard, I'll try to do another one this year, I promise I won't keep this one for 5 years.... maybe just 2 or 3.


Apple Pan Johnny Rockets

I'm sure most folk in LA know of the diner the Apple Pan (it's been there for over 40 years), Ricki and I went there by chance, we walked in the door it has a simple bar you sit down the menu is like 4 types of burgers and tuna salad sammy and only one side, fries. As we were sitting at the counter with our cokes server in paper cone cups in a plastic holder, I started to think I've been here before..... and then the waiter came up and put a square plate down and shook ketchup on.... JOHNNY F'N ROCKETS!!! Them bastards full on copied the poor lil Apple Pan's style... I'm sure they know but I didn't.

Cute As Crap?

When I first started to tattoo I always wanted to be a "badass" tattoo like a man, not do silly little flower tattoos or soft sweet poo bear tattoos... I wanted to do daggers, naked ladies, creepy skulls etc. BUT being a girl, I would always get picked to do the girlie tattoos. DANG-IT! anywhoo, as the years past I've really started to enjoy doing girlie stuff but more my style. (I still enjoy doing "man style" stuff too not thats it's really like that anymore girls get everything and anything even naked ladies.)


Owl, I love you

Back in my kitchen when I was a little girl things always stand out in my mind, I remember our bright orange vinyl chair with white welting and matching white and orange table our plates and place mats and right in the middle of the table was a yellow lucite owl that held our napkins... I loved it for no good reason I would stare at its little owl face it was like my buddy when I ate breakfast and lunch. A few years ago we were at party at a swanky Cliff May house and bam! On the hipsters table was a blue version of the owl napkin holder!! I wanted to steal it right then and there, It was Ricki's friends, not mine who would know I took it!! plus I was really drunk. BUT I didn't do it (dang it) but I thought about it for days after, then I had a great idea I would buy one! It took me a year to find the right on ebay. I just got it last week. Welcome home my little yellow owl, back where you belong on my table where I love as much as I did when I was 5.

Payless?? Shut up

Lisa (my little lady I work with at the shop) went to the beauty supply store so she could turn her hair green. Right next store was payless shoes we went over just to check things out and I got two pairs of cute shoes for 25 bucks total! I don't know which one I like best!


New app for my iphone and my hair looked kinda good today. (and my appointment no showed)

I Can Cook?

Ricki always tells me I'm a good cook, I have a odd talent of looking in our cabinets and fridge and coming up with something and MOST of the time it's not bad! So here are some of the dinner I made this week.

Ground Chicken sliders with pan fried green beans

Ground Chicken

garlic salt


soy sauce


teriyaki sauce

bread crumbs

egg beaters

Slider buns or yeast rolls

green beans


egg beaters




sauce to dip green beans in

sour cream

garlic salt

sweet paprika

This recipe is for 2

1/2 pound of ground chicken (I found that chicken is lower in calories and fat but it depends on the meat so check your lables and pick the healthest one)

Place chicken in bowl add soy and teriyaki sauce just a few splashes teaspoon of pepper and garlic salt, and as much cilantro as you want. 1/3 cup of bread crumbs and 1/3 of egg beaters. Give the meat a good massage to mix it all in, then place in fridge for 1/2 hour or so, you dont have to but it hold the sliders together better. Now it depends on how big your buns are, take your meat mixture and make balls about 1/2 the size of your buns (that sounds awesome “buns and balls”) after you have formed your balls, get a med/lg skillet and add a splash of olive oil, heat to med then add your balls, press down with spatula to desired thickness, cook 3 to 4 mins on each side. Toast buns and add pickle, and fixins!

Green Beans

Boil water add green beans cook for 3 mins. Drain, put in a bowl coat beans with egg beaters add l1/2 a lemon’s juice and teaspoon of pepper, dust beans with flour and toss. In a large skillet warm olive oil on med/lg wait til oil is hot and add green bean, cook for 5 mins every so often move beans around until the batter is golden brown. (Ricki says they are better than tater tots hmmmm not sure about that one!

Sesame Tofu noodles

teriyaki garlic sauce

low sodium soy sauce

sesame seeds

extra firm tofu

2 cups of snap peas

Quarter head cabbage

2 cups of mushrooms

frozen peas or corn

egg substitute

1 1/2 cups of brown rice cooked

-Cut tofu in short ways quarter inch slices

-Marinade teriyaki and soy sauce, make sure all slices are covered in both, then shake sesame seeds. (marinade for at least one hour but the longer the better)

pre-heat oven to 400 cook for 15 mins

When tofu is baking

Pre-heat wok or large pan, on med/high, add olive oil about 2 tbsp

First put in mushroom for about 2 mins, then add teriyaki and soy sauce about 3 tbsps each add with snap peas and cabbage and sautee for about 6 mins or so or until softish but not to soft, add brown rice to wok and toss with veggies add egg subitute and peas then toss again.

Take tofu out of oven and let cool for 2 or 3 mins, then slice into smaller sections

put rice and veggie mixture on plate or bowl put the tofu on top.

Left over steak sammy

Cold leftover steak


What ever bread you have (We had whole wheat hotdog bun)

Garlic Salt

Steak sauce


Tater Tots

Cut the steak very thin, preheat skillet to med, add a tbsp of olive oil, throw steak in for about 4 or 5 min just to heat up add garlic salt and pepper. After Steak is warm, put steak in hot dog bun and add broccoli than top it off with cheese. Pop in the boriler for 4 to 6 mins until the cheese is melted.

Heat up tater tots

Ricki loves tater tots..

Oh Shit!

It's been over a month in fact I think it's been a month and a half! I wouldn't blame anyone for not checking my blog ever again, ill try to update more often.


7 miles

I ate my weight in nachos last night.... I ran 7 miles this morning, I don't know how many miles I should have run, I think that 7 was not enough... It might be worth it... I think nachos are the most perfect food.