I love California!!!

So, many many years ago when I lived in New York City, I ALWAYS said I would never live on the West Coast.... yuck! I didn't really know why I disliked it... I think because everyone else did on the East Coast??!! I guess... hmmmm anyhooo if you have been reading my blog I got a road bike a few months ago and I'm in loooove!! and I'm so grateful for living here for many reason but riding in Southern California has to be the best here are a few photos why... One is in Newport the other is in Rancho Palos Verdes.... Oh and I met my husband here which is the main reason I love California :)


The one that every girl loves

I had a client come in and want a cover up on her back, it was about an inch tall and a inch wide and faded she was talking about getting a big tattoo of a cherry blossom tree... alot of time people are afraid to completely trust me and do whatever the heck I want, this time she trusted me! I think it looks pretty darn good if a say so myself.

Bird of a different color!

One of my lovely gal pals whom has impeccable taste in fashion and style asked me to tattoo a nice big peacock on her leg, I was super excited to do this and then she dropped a bomb... a cool bomb! she wanted it in brown and orange tones.... LOOOVE IT!!

Why don't I look like this??

Ok, so I'm not young like her and my neck is not like a swan, and I'm not movie star hot, but im ok with that!! not much I can do about, However I do love that top and I WANT to do my hair like this for sure I just love this look, I think it goes back to my quest of wanting to be Audrey Hepburn all of my life... but then again really what girl doesn't want to be Audrey??