Macaroons.... I had no idea

So I fancy myself a lady of the world in someways, I've travelled.. I've done stuff... or so I thought. One night over a year ago my husband and I and a few friends were in downtown LA at night we were walking to a bar and passed a place that I couldn't get out of my mind... Bottega Louis, This place will make any woman feel like a glamours French lady... As we passed the window I see this display of little mini hamburger looking things in every color a little girl would want in her barbie dream house... I had to go there one day!! I just had to... and I did, the food is out of control and restaurant design is crazy but that another story... I wanted to try the mini burger things, they were macaroons.....WHAT I thought that they were alway coconut and gross... MACAROONS??? they have lavender flavor, earl grey, salted carmel etc etc... I'm not that big of a fan of sweet things.... I would eat a whole box. really. I do think they are the new cupcake and macaroon shops will pop up all over.... Just eat one they are magic

Something Bad into something..... cool.

So this gal comes in and has a lovely tribal arm band.... also known as the "tube top" of the tattoo world, she wants to make it more lady like! I asked her how open she was and looked me in the eye and said "I will do anything to make it look more girly" Done I said, let do this! So a drew up a few flowers and went to work.. I'll be honest, I have had times when I was happy with the end result but with this one, I was thrilled!! So if you guys out there have a tattoo you don't like and you trust your artist, let them go for it!! you will not be sorry!