A new banner???? Really?

I have lived here in Long Beach for over 5 years now, my friend Tyson made me a banner for going to tattoo conventions.... 5 years ago and Im still using it!......, Im lazy and afraid of making a banner painting at that scale it's scary, plus I've never painted with acrylics (ok I'm sure I did in art class in high school but really now does that even count?). My friend that I go to most conventions with always see me pull out my well worn 5 year old banner..... gives a little sign and looks at me like REALLY!!, Well not this time Gary!! ahhh I've been working on my banner for a month or so, it looks ok for my first attempt. I just want to make you proud and it really has not been that hard, I'll try to do another one this year, I promise I won't keep this one for 5 years.... maybe just 2 or 3.

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  1. Cute! what is in your hand? looks like champagne glasses but I doubt that.