What have I done!

So we have 3 doggies and with 3 pooches come all kind of great ahhhh... smells??? all the dirt laying, farting, rolling in dead things etc etc. Also Pickle having a issue sometimes going number 1 when she feels like it in the front room... I think it smells alll the time. I know it doesn't because we spend alot of money on steam cleaning the carpet every few months.... what a pain in the ass spending money on carpet you HATE!!! sooo with that said, Ricki and I have talked about pulling up the carpet squares and just having concrete floors, it's a modern house why not, I like it? One day I had enough!!! I pulled up the carpet, (not that hard its just panels layed down nothing under it just the concrete.) I got concrete stain at lowes for $20 buck and followed the direction (some what) and this is what happened.....

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