I'm so sorry!!

I run 6 miles almost everyday or every other day... I think about all the cool thing I could put on my blog... all the cool things I could talk about on my blog... and yet I do nothing... I will try to do more, I see all of the cool blogs on the web and think about how I could be post even cooler stuff but I don't. I'm gonna try, really.

Sweet tats!

Just did a few tattoooos pretty cute!

Hotlanta after 5 whole years!

So I went to Atlanta after being gone for 5 years!!! It was nice to see my friends, my house etc etc! but I really came for 3 things..... pictured above!

Garden Crazzzzeeeeee

So my gal pal Heather and I have gone garden crazy, I started a garden a few months ago and now I'm started to get veggies here and there but I still go out every morning with my coffee and water my garden and stare at the baby veggie trying to figure out when I should pick them... So I have the "ok" from my landlord to make my side yard a whole garden! I have big plans and I promise I will keep my blog followers (all 19 of you!) a breast of this adventure!

Shop Butthole

Mini Man comes to work with me almost everyday but I have to say lately he has been a butthole.... Or maybe we have been spending to much time together... he sleeps in the bed with us and he comes to work with me, I think the only time we are not together is when I work out. No wonder he is a jerk! spoiled with a side of spoiled!!

The "When Ricki goes out of town diet"

Ricki goes out of town alot, and like to do some silly type of "diet" or "detox" soooo this happens to be my new fav one... feel free to try it if you want I lost 5 pounds in two weeks.


Right when you wake up eat some fruit of your choice (apple, pear, banana) and a big glass of lemon water.

hour later... 1 cup of brown rice or 1 cup of quinoa with a little honey on it. (This is not so good but you can power through it)

For lunch AND dinner- Choose 4 cups of any kind of veggies! (mix it up mostly greens) steam for 4 or 5 mins depending on the veggie. Keep the water.... This may sound kinda yucky but you can warm up the water and add a pinch of salt and drink it when you are hungry.

OK! Thats the way the detox was listed, BUT I changed a few thing, I add lemon juice to the veggie steam, and sometimes steamed tofu (extra firm) and for breakfast I also ate flax seed oatmeal.

I did it for 9 days it was awesome I never really felt hungry and I felt pretty skinny... kinda.

Born Free on a Cupcake

Me leaving the bike show, I was sure that when I attempted to kick my bike over that it would fall over on top of the and I would break my leg.... just because 10 or so guys were taking pictures of me. BUT my good ole gal started on the first kick!!

Born Free Bike Show!!

This was one of the best bike shows I've ever been to!! Not only was down the street from my house BUT, my pal Harpoon helped to run this awesome show! Here are a few of the bikes that I saw that were pretty cool.