Out with the old in with the lettuce?

I planted my first ever veggie garden a few months ago and it was some what of a success... kinda, I had some problems one in particular my female greyhound Pickle Pants. Even with a fence up she still stuck her head in and ate all my cucumbers and zucchini leafs and all... but I did notice that she won't touch the peppers of any sort hot or not. Soooo with that in mind I started my second crop but in the front to protect the other veggie is peppers! My friend Heather found this super cool site called sproutrobot.com it tell you when to plant stuff, which is always my big question!! Just enter your zip code and it will tell you what to plant! its that easy! so sprout robot told me lettuce and root type veggies. One photo show the older side of the garden with peppers and tomatoes and now some cabbage the other photo is red leaf lettuce and a zucchini waaay far back. Good luck little guys your safe from a evil Pickle Pants!!

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  1. that's awesome! thanks for the link, we are starting our garden when the guys get back from the east coast trip. i'm soo excited!! we'll have to do some dinners together with our harvests!