Suicide "King"

My pal Dennis has been wanting this tattoo for a long time now, I think it's really funny whats really funny is he is not that big of a Elvis fan... his dad is. I think that is awesome.


Oh Cliff May

Cliff May, one of my heros, for many reason mostly because of his houses and two he was not even a architect he was just talented. Some say the coined the phrase "ranch style" but who really knows. Ricki and I live about a mile away from the Long Beach track, in El Dorado park, on Sundays we used to ride our bikes around the neighborhood looking for open houses. I felt like we were previewing the cool guy club that we would never get invited to meaning we would never own one. I'm ok with that... for the most part it's cool just to live by the track, we don't really go to open houses has much, all the real estate brokers got to know us by a first name bases and I think as much as they liked us, they knew we were just lookie lous. Anyway, who know maybe one day I'll blog about the day we buy a Cliff May house.


Something green today

I just started to shop online and it's fun!! yikes!! anyway I got these cute shoes today for only 39 bucks!!! I hope they are cute in person... modcloth.com if you want them.

For Chopper Dave

I think this is a funny picture! I think my friend Dave will love it! He loves corn dogs, peeps and bacon cupcakes.

Icky Poo

This was my first attempt at photoshop in a few years... This is our house, I think I want to draw another house... it was fun.


Funny thing happen to me about a month ago... I was early for my hair appointment and wanted to kill some time. I went to Ross... yes Ross, was just walking around went into the back of the store to check out the wicker chairs and ugly bar stools when guess who was sitting there waiting for me.... yes this chair for $80 bucks!! It's a good replica made by Moderica. I love Ross now

Save Me!!

This house is in Naples Island in Long Beach, it's only a 2 bedroom... The wrecking ball is around the corner (that's what a real estate broker told Ricki and I) The area is super snooty and they want to make room for a big ugly crappy house with 6 bedrooms and 7 baths. What a shame. If you have a spare 800,000 please purchase this house. A work of art is going to be plowed down.

check out the link for more info. uniquecaliforniaproperty.com

The Opdahl Residence, 1957 by Edward A. Killingsworth. With the use of two 18 ft. tall redwood walls at the setback lines on both sides of the property, Killingsworth skillfully created an oasis of privacy for the glass walled structure, reflecting pond and peaceful gardens within. Considered by the architect to be his most important work, the house stands as a prototype for building with limited space, and as one of the purest, most sophisticated examples of mid-century modern architecture. As the SoCal chapter of AIA noted in it's honor award, "there is poetry in it's restrained vocabulary of material and form - a precise artistry". Winner of eight prestigious architectural awards and featured in countless publications, the Opdahl house gave the firm of Killingsworth, Brady, Smith international acclaim. Once thought to be lost to neglect, a meticulous restoration by the current owner has brought the house back to it's original glory. The property is now recognized as an historic landmark by the City of Long Beach.

Won all architectural awards possible for a residence including:
-First Honor AIA Southern California Chapter in 1957
-Architectural Record Award of Excellence 1958
-AIA Sunset Magazine Western Homes Honor Award 1959
-AIA National Honor Award 1960

Good days...

No one wants to hear that a tattoo artist has bad days... I do, it sucks way worse than a person in a office who just doesn't get everything done that day. My bad day is someone leaving with a tattoo I'm not happy with, I hate when that happens. My clients don't know it they always seem happy but sometimes I'm not, I like to pick apart my art and then I get bummed out. Had a really bad day last week... the very next day, I did this and it got alot better. I'm pretty proud of this tattoo. Won't quit tattooing after all. (for now)


Fur Buddies

I have 3 dogs, that are the love of my life, I've been rescuing Greyhounds for over 20 years now, they have all been wonderful and perfect. This is Mini man he is the only dog I every purchased look at him, I had to.
Gracie Pickle Lady Pants, our strong black woman.
George, Ricki's best fur buddy.
George and Mini hanging out
A few weeks ago I went to a tattoo convention in Orange County called Musink, it was ok for tattooing but we had a whole heap of fun. Here are a few of the tattoos I did at the convention and some from the shop as well.



Before and After

My friend Erica has this lovely tattoo on her arm. Every time I see her I always eye it up. This tattoo much like a zit on the end of your nose I can't stop staring at it, I have wanted to fix it in some way for a long time now. Today was the day, two 40 oz buds and some pussy spray (don't ask) and 3 hours later...

Before and After

This is after, it's not perfect I did what I could but I think it looks alot better now... right?

Flight of fries

Patrick and I talk about Atlanta, our friend in Atlanta and what has been going on the past few years, mixed in to all of our "catching up at Ketchup" we had a flight of fries, mini chili dogs, mini crab cakes and some mini tacos it was soooo flippin good you would think they were dipped in gold. : )

Catching up at Ketchup...

Last night I went to meet up with my friend Patrick, it has been a long time coming! We are both from Atlanta, we moved here around the same time about 4 years ago and we have only hung out once. What the heck! So last night we went to this awesome restaurant in Hollywood called Ketchup to of course catch up.

Not Me

This my second photoshop artwork in many years. I need a new card so I wanted to do a digital image, it was fun! (Now everyone ask if it's me not only because of the name it the heart but they says it looks like me??) ahhh if I had a 60's mullet green eyes and kinda look like one of the Avatar people... I guess I would say yes?

Digital Art

A Few years ago... ok a long time ago I was a graphic artist, I was pretty good on photoshop, years past... I started tattooing and stopped all things digital, Im trying to get back in the swing of things I just finished this one yesterday.


I love him. This is Ricki (Yes, Ricki and Vicky) We are getting married this time next year, one of the great things about him is he loves me, he loves doggies and motorcycles and other cool stuff.
Hello everyone it's Vicky here, I just started a dumb blog because I like looking at other folks blogs and they are cool now I want to be.