Oh Owls!!! I love you!!

I love to tattoo owls, what a cute animal, with them big cute eye, stay'n up late being cute Hooting all night... who the heck wouldn't want one tattooed on them geez! So here are a few of them I tattooed not to long ago.



Something wonderful happened to me last Saturday... So let me start by saying I'm a total nerd...I daydream of finding a George Nelson floating bookshelf or a Eames chair at a yard sale for $10 bucks from some sweet older couple who has no idea what they have... That does not happen often or ever... most are in an estate sale where folks are lining up to grab all the cool stuff to re-sell in there hip Mid-Century Modern furniture store for tons of money.... BUT one fine day in fact just last week I was going out for my morning run and for some reason turned into the yard sale just a few blocks from my house, as I got close I started to notice the orange fabric.... then the hairpin legs.... I felt short of breath.... oh yes 1950 butterfly chairs... on the top 10 list of the most awesome chairs!!! I need to know HOW MUCH FOR THE CHAIRS!!!! oh god did they know would I be shot down when he yelled $300 each.... he looked at me and said can you pay $4 for each????? FOUR DOLLLARS!!!!!! YES I CAN!!!!!! I have no room in the house for them, I don't care... I'll figure something out... My husband called me a Mid-Century Modern Hoarder.... I think he is right... and I don't care.

Oh no Mini Man may not be the cutest dog EVER!!

Ok so my dog might not be the cutest dog ever!!! Yes it's true MOST people think that he is hands down the cutest dog ever!!! Really! He is the love of my life but I can put my feeling aside and be truthful about.... Damn Cute. But this past weekend a new dog came in to the tattoo shop and stole my heart... Her name is flower she is a mexican hairless with a personality like my sweet baby boy... oh what's a dog mom to do!!! Please tell me what you guys think... all 3 of you that read my blog.... Melissa, Kathy.... Eliese.... :)

I Love Target!!

So my friend Dawn has been at the wonderful place known as Target!!! ahhh yes I was super excited to do this tattoo!! I'm pretty happy with the way this tattoo came out!! Folks are shocked that a Target employee would get this tattooed on them... WHAAAT who the heck wouldn't get this cute as heck pooch tattooed on them!! Whatever.


This was the start

It's around 7:00am down at Crystal Cove I can't even remember what I was thinking at this point I almost chickened out, I was kinda hoping I would get sick or fall and hurt myself... Im glad I didn't.. I finished and thats all that matters... I think I'll do another sometime now that I know what I'm doing!


Trying to smile but I was pretty scared...

I did it!!

My first triathlon!!! This is my face AFTER it was over with!


One more day...

At this very moment tomorrow I will be most likely swimming my long ass 1/2 mile or be just starting my 13 mile bike ride. I have been talking about doing a sprint triathlon for around 2 years maybe longer... Well here it is on my 42 birthday in Crystal Cove!! I'm excited and very scared but I feel like when I cross the finish line.... It will be the best feeling... I hope I sleep ok tonight, I hope I feel strong tomorrow.... Ok folks here I go!! I'll post some pictures on Monday (at least the ones I don't look fat in,... that tri-suit is very unforgiving!! geez) So long for now my friends.


I can't grow roses... I can draw and tattoo them... I think?

I think I've said this before but I like the say once more.... I never get tired tattooing roses...


Ooops!! One more cowgirl!

I forgot to add this little gem! I can not take credit for the artwork on this one! This gal is from the wildly popular Angelique Houtkamp the ladies and gentleman love this gal!!

Painting to Tattoo

This is neat! I did this painting first.. I wish I was like alot of artist when it comes to painting, they seem to paint all night after working a 10 hour shift... just imagine...... probably listening to some cool arty music really loud, smoking cigs really getting into the music and the painting next thing you know.. 7am suns coming up painting finished. NOT ME, I'll paint on my day off here and there when I have time.. sooo here is one of just a few I've painted this year, I think it's a good one? I posted it on Facebook and BOOM! my friend wanted it tattooed on them! Neat-o!! Don't you think?

Garden Time!!

Sooo this does not do my garden justice! If you go back on my blog to last year... I have to say... I've advanced into THE MASTER GARDENER!!!! ahhhhhh yeah! ok maybe not really a master but I'm much better. Last year we had just a few tomatoes, jalapenos and a few other things but it was never anything to show off... or give away because you had to much. This year!!! I had 4 types of tomatoes!! including TOMATOEZILLA!! who was taller than my husband and wider than the house!! (ok maybe not that wide) I had to give away tomatoes left and right!! I had yellow, red and two types of heirloom!! I also have.... 2 types of heirloom lettuces, mint, green beans, swiss chard, spinach, yellow squash, onions and zucchini of course beets!! and I'm hoping for carrots. Now we have ZUCCHINIZILLA!!! I'll post pictures of this magical creature later.