Owl, I love you

Back in my kitchen when I was a little girl things always stand out in my mind, I remember our bright orange vinyl chair with white welting and matching white and orange table our plates and place mats and right in the middle of the table was a yellow lucite owl that held our napkins... I loved it for no good reason I would stare at its little owl face it was like my buddy when I ate breakfast and lunch. A few years ago we were at party at a swanky Cliff May house and bam! On the hipsters table was a blue version of the owl napkin holder!! I wanted to steal it right then and there, It was Ricki's friends, not mine who would know I took it!! plus I was really drunk. BUT I didn't do it (dang it) but I thought about it for days after, then I had a great idea I would buy one! It took me a year to find the right on ebay. I just got it last week. Welcome home my little yellow owl, back where you belong on my table where I love as much as I did when I was 5.

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