Sesame Tofu noodles

teriyaki garlic sauce

low sodium soy sauce

sesame seeds

extra firm tofu

2 cups of snap peas

Quarter head cabbage

2 cups of mushrooms

frozen peas or corn

egg substitute

1 1/2 cups of brown rice cooked

-Cut tofu in short ways quarter inch slices

-Marinade teriyaki and soy sauce, make sure all slices are covered in both, then shake sesame seeds. (marinade for at least one hour but the longer the better)

pre-heat oven to 400 cook for 15 mins

When tofu is baking

Pre-heat wok or large pan, on med/high, add olive oil about 2 tbsp

First put in mushroom for about 2 mins, then add teriyaki and soy sauce about 3 tbsps each add with snap peas and cabbage and sautee for about 6 mins or so or until softish but not to soft, add brown rice to wok and toss with veggies add egg subitute and peas then toss again.

Take tofu out of oven and let cool for 2 or 3 mins, then slice into smaller sections

put rice and veggie mixture on plate or bowl put the tofu on top.

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