Mahi Mahi yummy yummy!

Pan seared Mahi Mahi w/ butter bean mash

2 mahi mahi steaks

1 orange

rub for the fish

1/3 cup brown sugar

2 tbsp sweet paprika

pinch garlic salt

1 tbsp dryed cilrantro

as much as you want pepper

canned butter beans

salt and pepper

bacon bits


A few hours before you cook the fish make the rub on a small plate, then rub that fish on both sides!! make sure all the rub sticks to the fish. put in it a bowl and squeeze a orange over the fish and marinate for a few hour in the frigde. (Do this before you go to work if you want the longer the better)

In a large skillet put a dash of olive oil heat til med/high drop in fish and cook 3 to 4 mins on each side depending on thickness fish should be brown on each side. Keep the rest of the marinate and after fish is on plate toss the rest of the marinate in the skillet, it will carmelzie in a about 2 mins, then pour over fish.

butter bean mash

drain butter beans, put in pan and heat on low, with a potato masher mash beans then add salt and pepper with as much butter has you want a pad or 2, than add bacon bits! (yes bacon bits) stir in!

add what ever GREEN veggie or salad (you always have to have something green, that’s is what my mom always said)

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  1. Is a butter bean a lima bean? Gonna try it this weekend...