A year or more....

It's a new day a new year and I am begging for you to forgive me!!! How long has it been yes almost 14 months!!! How could I have done this!!! I'm sure all of you are dying to know what the heck is going on in my silly little life.... ok maybe not but you might be mildly interested... Right!! Ok so let start over again... I promise at the very least a weekly update on my tattoos, art, furniture , my garden and of course motorcycles and much more!!

Neat-o things....

Three cool things happen to me this year mostly... I'm proud to say I am now a wife! yep my old ass got hitched to best guy in town!! I got braces!! I've been waiting for about 30 years and why not at the ripe old age of 41 almost 42 get them babies lined up nicely! Third... has not happened yet.... Triathalon... on my birthday in 13 days....

Cowgirls!!! Yeeee haaaaw!!!

I love some cowgirls!!! I have had such a great time tattooing some cowgirl action!! Being that I feel like I'm a cowgirl at heart I think I understand and tattoo them pretty dang good.
Red Riding Hood is a Gangsta!!! My friend Joey who owns a super cool store in Seal Beach called Golden State Goods came in and wanted this super cool tattoo that a friend drew for him. I was a little nervous about tattooing such a cool piece of art but I think it came out pretty darn good!

Secret Tattoo.

I did this a few months ago on a good friend of mine... This had some images that have alot of meaning to him, It's a secret shhhhhhh you can try to guess the meaning but I'll never tell.