I love California!!!

So, many many years ago when I lived in New York City, I ALWAYS said I would never live on the West Coast.... yuck! I didn't really know why I disliked it... I think because everyone else did on the East Coast??!! I guess... hmmmm anyhooo if you have been reading my blog I got a road bike a few months ago and I'm in loooove!! and I'm so grateful for living here for many reason but riding in Southern California has to be the best here are a few photos why... One is in Newport the other is in Rancho Palos Verdes.... Oh and I met my husband here which is the main reason I love California :)


The one that every girl loves

I had a client come in and want a cover up on her back, it was about an inch tall and a inch wide and faded she was talking about getting a big tattoo of a cherry blossom tree... alot of time people are afraid to completely trust me and do whatever the heck I want, this time she trusted me! I think it looks pretty darn good if a say so myself.

Bird of a different color!

One of my lovely gal pals whom has impeccable taste in fashion and style asked me to tattoo a nice big peacock on her leg, I was super excited to do this and then she dropped a bomb... a cool bomb! she wanted it in brown and orange tones.... LOOOVE IT!!

Why don't I look like this??

Ok, so I'm not young like her and my neck is not like a swan, and I'm not movie star hot, but im ok with that!! not much I can do about, However I do love that top and I WANT to do my hair like this for sure I just love this look, I think it goes back to my quest of wanting to be Audrey Hepburn all of my life... but then again really what girl doesn't want to be Audrey??


Macaroons.... I had no idea

So I fancy myself a lady of the world in someways, I've travelled.. I've done stuff... or so I thought. One night over a year ago my husband and I and a few friends were in downtown LA at night we were walking to a bar and passed a place that I couldn't get out of my mind... Bottega Louis, This place will make any woman feel like a glamours French lady... As we passed the window I see this display of little mini hamburger looking things in every color a little girl would want in her barbie dream house... I had to go there one day!! I just had to... and I did, the food is out of control and restaurant design is crazy but that another story... I wanted to try the mini burger things, they were macaroons.....WHAT I thought that they were alway coconut and gross... MACAROONS??? they have lavender flavor, earl grey, salted carmel etc etc... I'm not that big of a fan of sweet things.... I would eat a whole box. really. I do think they are the new cupcake and macaroon shops will pop up all over.... Just eat one they are magic

Something Bad into something..... cool.

So this gal comes in and has a lovely tribal arm band.... also known as the "tube top" of the tattoo world, she wants to make it more lady like! I asked her how open she was and looked me in the eye and said "I will do anything to make it look more girly" Done I said, let do this! So a drew up a few flowers and went to work.. I'll be honest, I have had times when I was happy with the end result but with this one, I was thrilled!! So if you guys out there have a tattoo you don't like and you trust your artist, let them go for it!! you will not be sorry!


Go Joe!

I did this sweet tattoo in one sitting! Most folks do 2 sittings but my pal Joe sat like a stone!! he was awesome!!

Pizza Magic.

So one night I was hanging at the house and was thinking about dinner I had whole wheat pizza dough and no tomatoes fresh or canned... hmmmmmmm I had zucchini and parsley from my garden... mushrooms goat cheese and walnuts.... I was thinking I could try to do a balsamic/ garlic oil sauce??!! it was worth a try.... GEEEEZ IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!! try it sometime!!

2 med zucchinis
mini portabella mushrooms
goat cheese
whole wheat pizza dough
balsamic vinegar
garlic infused olive oil

Saute zucchini and mushroom for about 5 mins put to the side

roll out dough sprinkle oil and vinegar over pizza, sprinkle all the ingredients all over the pizza as much as you would like bake in the oven as directed on the pizza dough!! enjoy!! I did


Here's a few...

Perfect example of what a crappy photographer I am.... clearly the arrow tattoo I didn't take and of course the out of focus gypsy girl head I did...

Turnball Canyon bike ride

Whittier California... just a few miles away from Long Beach... in fact just a bike ride away, I didn't even know this Canyon was so close!! This was my first time riding my bike on a long climbing ride... Not only was it fun, it was just beautiful!!! I'm proud to live here and I think this is a great start to a bike riding!!

I'm in looove!!!

As all of you 39 followers most like know, I did a Triathlon... well it's kinda turned into something else.. sure I'm going to do more BUT, I really started to bike more and it is FUN!! Had a nice old ass bike and had to upgrade... That's another story, I think it was harder than
buying a car!! Soo This is my new bike "Max" we are in love!!! Just took him out for his first long ride to Turnball Canyon.. it was hard and so fun!!!


Things I miss... Tea Space, Atlanta

It was hard to find picture of this place.... I wish I had my own personal ones to post... I think this place opened in 2002ish, It was this super cool little tiny restaurant in Little 5 points that was for sure the first place that sold Boba (we thought it was bubble tea) and PBR and Asian fusion food?? yes I said PBR... it was truly awesome... daytime Boba tea night time Black Rice balls and PBR, but the best part of this place was the clever design!!! It was sooooo Japanese well designed and very very cool and on a budget... Many a good lady date with my friend Melissa, we would go to a Art show and feel even more arty and finish the night at Tea Space!!! Sadly it close some years later.... ahhhh the good times.


Not the hipsters or the gays....

As much as I would like to think that it's just old people, hipsters and gays in PS, that is not true, I have normal clients I tattoo that go to PS??? where on earth do they go!!! I HAD no idea until now.... On our list of bars to check out, the Rivera's bar was one of them... We didn't stay long.. not because it was gross or dumb or whatever but we just were not feeling it. The hotel was jaw dropping beautiful and the feel.....the design... the pool wow wow that is one hell of a hotel!!!! was worth the walk in and looky and walk out! Went to the bar and everyone was straight and normal (like no tattoos or fancy mustache etc etc) ooooo that is where they are..... hmmmm


Next stop.... Melvyn's... Renee found magazine in our hotel room that listed some cool bars in PS, this one was interesting.... and OH SO AWESOME!!! it is old and I think it had a hay day in the 60's and maybe the 80's but it's super!! Cocktail waitresses are 55 and up and in fancy dresses, the bar/restaurant in attached to a hotel, but the place is soooo funny and formal but not... I think they have to have Beef Wellington and Baked Alaska on the menu... and you have to drink a old man drink, maybe a Side Car or a Harvey Wallbanger!! Just Go it great and the entertainment..... you'll see.

Palm Spring continued....

So Renee and I started our ladies night out at this O so fab restaurant called The Tropicale, it was awesome!! We walked in and the whole place of full of Hot Gay Men, someone shouted "Shoe Whore" ahhhhhh just as I had planned!! Yes I pick out my shoes to impress gay men... soo???? Food is good drinks are fun, please go!!


Another Caliente picture

Caliente Tropics Hotel

Ahhhh Palm Spring full of wonderful fancy and trendy hipster hotel, and of course mid century modern perfect hotels.... this is not one of any of them, this is the hotel that could... Now I'm not bashing this hotel the rooms are clean and the bed are very nice, the design is super cool and it's CHEAP!!! It could be so much more!! and they are trying!!! My gal pal and I had a lovely stay at this dog friendly hotel, $100 bucks a night on a Sat so I'm thinking less than that on the weekdays! They are vamping up the lobby and making a restaurant/bar that I would love to see one day. I've stay at this hotel a few times and have to complaints at all in fact stay here and pay the 10 bucks to go to the Ace Hotels pool only 100 feet away! save yourself $100 a night!


Oh Owls!!! I love you!!

I love to tattoo owls, what a cute animal, with them big cute eye, stay'n up late being cute Hooting all night... who the heck wouldn't want one tattooed on them geez! So here are a few of them I tattooed not to long ago.



Something wonderful happened to me last Saturday... So let me start by saying I'm a total nerd...I daydream of finding a George Nelson floating bookshelf or a Eames chair at a yard sale for $10 bucks from some sweet older couple who has no idea what they have... That does not happen often or ever... most are in an estate sale where folks are lining up to grab all the cool stuff to re-sell in there hip Mid-Century Modern furniture store for tons of money.... BUT one fine day in fact just last week I was going out for my morning run and for some reason turned into the yard sale just a few blocks from my house, as I got close I started to notice the orange fabric.... then the hairpin legs.... I felt short of breath.... oh yes 1950 butterfly chairs... on the top 10 list of the most awesome chairs!!! I need to know HOW MUCH FOR THE CHAIRS!!!! oh god did they know would I be shot down when he yelled $300 each.... he looked at me and said can you pay $4 for each????? FOUR DOLLLARS!!!!!! YES I CAN!!!!!! I have no room in the house for them, I don't care... I'll figure something out... My husband called me a Mid-Century Modern Hoarder.... I think he is right... and I don't care.

Oh no Mini Man may not be the cutest dog EVER!!

Ok so my dog might not be the cutest dog ever!!! Yes it's true MOST people think that he is hands down the cutest dog ever!!! Really! He is the love of my life but I can put my feeling aside and be truthful about.... Damn Cute. But this past weekend a new dog came in to the tattoo shop and stole my heart... Her name is flower she is a mexican hairless with a personality like my sweet baby boy... oh what's a dog mom to do!!! Please tell me what you guys think... all 3 of you that read my blog.... Melissa, Kathy.... Eliese.... :)

I Love Target!!

So my friend Dawn has been at the wonderful place known as Target!!! ahhh yes I was super excited to do this tattoo!! I'm pretty happy with the way this tattoo came out!! Folks are shocked that a Target employee would get this tattooed on them... WHAAAT who the heck wouldn't get this cute as heck pooch tattooed on them!! Whatever.


This was the start

It's around 7:00am down at Crystal Cove I can't even remember what I was thinking at this point I almost chickened out, I was kinda hoping I would get sick or fall and hurt myself... Im glad I didn't.. I finished and thats all that matters... I think I'll do another sometime now that I know what I'm doing!


Trying to smile but I was pretty scared...

I did it!!

My first triathlon!!! This is my face AFTER it was over with!


One more day...

At this very moment tomorrow I will be most likely swimming my long ass 1/2 mile or be just starting my 13 mile bike ride. I have been talking about doing a sprint triathlon for around 2 years maybe longer... Well here it is on my 42 birthday in Crystal Cove!! I'm excited and very scared but I feel like when I cross the finish line.... It will be the best feeling... I hope I sleep ok tonight, I hope I feel strong tomorrow.... Ok folks here I go!! I'll post some pictures on Monday (at least the ones I don't look fat in,... that tri-suit is very unforgiving!! geez) So long for now my friends.


I can't grow roses... I can draw and tattoo them... I think?

I think I've said this before but I like the say once more.... I never get tired tattooing roses...


Ooops!! One more cowgirl!

I forgot to add this little gem! I can not take credit for the artwork on this one! This gal is from the wildly popular Angelique Houtkamp the ladies and gentleman love this gal!!

Painting to Tattoo

This is neat! I did this painting first.. I wish I was like alot of artist when it comes to painting, they seem to paint all night after working a 10 hour shift... just imagine...... probably listening to some cool arty music really loud, smoking cigs really getting into the music and the painting next thing you know.. 7am suns coming up painting finished. NOT ME, I'll paint on my day off here and there when I have time.. sooo here is one of just a few I've painted this year, I think it's a good one? I posted it on Facebook and BOOM! my friend wanted it tattooed on them! Neat-o!! Don't you think?

Garden Time!!

Sooo this does not do my garden justice! If you go back on my blog to last year... I have to say... I've advanced into THE MASTER GARDENER!!!! ahhhhhh yeah! ok maybe not really a master but I'm much better. Last year we had just a few tomatoes, jalapenos and a few other things but it was never anything to show off... or give away because you had to much. This year!!! I had 4 types of tomatoes!! including TOMATOEZILLA!! who was taller than my husband and wider than the house!! (ok maybe not that wide) I had to give away tomatoes left and right!! I had yellow, red and two types of heirloom!! I also have.... 2 types of heirloom lettuces, mint, green beans, swiss chard, spinach, yellow squash, onions and zucchini of course beets!! and I'm hoping for carrots. Now we have ZUCCHINIZILLA!!! I'll post pictures of this magical creature later.


A year or more....

It's a new day a new year and I am begging for you to forgive me!!! How long has it been yes almost 14 months!!! How could I have done this!!! I'm sure all of you are dying to know what the heck is going on in my silly little life.... ok maybe not but you might be mildly interested... Right!! Ok so let start over again... I promise at the very least a weekly update on my tattoos, art, furniture , my garden and of course motorcycles and much more!!

Neat-o things....

Three cool things happen to me this year mostly... I'm proud to say I am now a wife! yep my old ass got hitched to best guy in town!! I got braces!! I've been waiting for about 30 years and why not at the ripe old age of 41 almost 42 get them babies lined up nicely! Third... has not happened yet.... Triathalon... on my birthday in 13 days....