Something wonderful happened to me last Saturday... So let me start by saying I'm a total nerd...I daydream of finding a George Nelson floating bookshelf or a Eames chair at a yard sale for $10 bucks from some sweet older couple who has no idea what they have... That does not happen often or ever... most are in an estate sale where folks are lining up to grab all the cool stuff to re-sell in there hip Mid-Century Modern furniture store for tons of money.... BUT one fine day in fact just last week I was going out for my morning run and for some reason turned into the yard sale just a few blocks from my house, as I got close I started to notice the orange fabric.... then the hairpin legs.... I felt short of breath.... oh yes 1950 butterfly chairs... on the top 10 list of the most awesome chairs!!! I need to know HOW MUCH FOR THE CHAIRS!!!! oh god did they know would I be shot down when he yelled $300 each.... he looked at me and said can you pay $4 for each????? FOUR DOLLLARS!!!!!! YES I CAN!!!!!! I have no room in the house for them, I don't care... I'll figure something out... My husband called me a Mid-Century Modern Hoarder.... I think he is right... and I don't care.

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