Things I miss... Tea Space, Atlanta

It was hard to find picture of this place.... I wish I had my own personal ones to post... I think this place opened in 2002ish, It was this super cool little tiny restaurant in Little 5 points that was for sure the first place that sold Boba (we thought it was bubble tea) and PBR and Asian fusion food?? yes I said PBR... it was truly awesome... daytime Boba tea night time Black Rice balls and PBR, but the best part of this place was the clever design!!! It was sooooo Japanese well designed and very very cool and on a budget... Many a good lady date with my friend Melissa, we would go to a Art show and feel even more arty and finish the night at Tea Space!!! Sadly it close some years later.... ahhhh the good times.

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  1. Miss Teaspace so badly :(. I'm glad someone else shares the same feeling. Their black rice was amazing. Remember, they had silhouette DJs! Coolest place, ever.