Garden Time!!

Sooo this does not do my garden justice! If you go back on my blog to last year... I have to say... I've advanced into THE MASTER GARDENER!!!! ahhhhhh yeah! ok maybe not really a master but I'm much better. Last year we had just a few tomatoes, jalapenos and a few other things but it was never anything to show off... or give away because you had to much. This year!!! I had 4 types of tomatoes!! including TOMATOEZILLA!! who was taller than my husband and wider than the house!! (ok maybe not that wide) I had to give away tomatoes left and right!! I had yellow, red and two types of heirloom!! I also have.... 2 types of heirloom lettuces, mint, green beans, swiss chard, spinach, yellow squash, onions and zucchini of course beets!! and I'm hoping for carrots. Now we have ZUCCHINIZILLA!!! I'll post pictures of this magical creature later.

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  1. I heard your sister cooks a mean stuffed zucchinizilla!