7 miles

I ate my weight in nachos last night.... I ran 7 miles this morning, I don't know how many miles I should have run, I think that 7 was not enough... It might be worth it... I think nachos are the most perfect food.


I'm pretty proud of this tattoo elbow are not a walk in the park, but this one was!

Oh Deer!

My Friend Kathia has been dying to get a cute two headed deer, I think it's pretty cute!


One good thing about Ricki going out of town is... Mini man sleeps in the bed right next to me... wait who are we kidding he sleeps with us when Ricki is here.

Not good.

When Ricki goes out of town (which is alot) I always check the shower curtain ALWAYS, once when I get home from work and TWICE right before bed. I don't know why I think it's from my childhood, I could just pull the shower curtain back so nobody could hide behind the shower curtain. The only problem is, I like the shower curtain too much.... I'll just keep checking.


Ok, this time of the year is not good for us freelancers... I would love to think im going to pay my taxes every 3 months... I don't. I get smacked in the face every year, You would think the look of shock and then the tears welling up would stop after the 5th year. Nope everytime my sweet accountant does my taxes he tells me how much I owe and asked me if I'm ok and do I need a tissue.


So I'm not a lucky person most of the time, I'm not unlucky I'm just not lucky... no biggie. But the one thing that I have luck in is finding great deals on furniture! Woo hoo! On craigslist, swap meet, garage sale and even the trash. Well it happen again! I wanted to get a desk or drafting table for our living room I was thinking just a cheapy art table for now and maybe look for something cool after I pay off my taxes. I just thought I would take a peek on craigslist to see how much a mid century desk would cost and BAM! there it was cute as a button and $100 bucks. A few hours later it was in my mini and and the way to my house! I look online this desk goes for about 800 to 1000 bucks. Ha I still have it, thank you mid century gods you still love me.

Just in time for Easter

Crazy egg house!! My friend Heather want me to buy this house and put it in my back yard so she can live in my yard and walk my dogs for me.... hmmm tempting as it is I'm pretty sure this house cost more than the house that I live in. Still cool.