So I'm not a lucky person most of the time, I'm not unlucky I'm just not lucky... no biggie. But the one thing that I have luck in is finding great deals on furniture! Woo hoo! On craigslist, swap meet, garage sale and even the trash. Well it happen again! I wanted to get a desk or drafting table for our living room I was thinking just a cheapy art table for now and maybe look for something cool after I pay off my taxes. I just thought I would take a peek on craigslist to see how much a mid century desk would cost and BAM! there it was cute as a button and $100 bucks. A few hours later it was in my mini and and the way to my house! I look online this desk goes for about 800 to 1000 bucks. Ha I still have it, thank you mid century gods you still love me.

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  1. Now you must sacrifice a goat to the Gods of Furniture in thanks for the good harvest.