Oh Cliff May

Cliff May, one of my heros, for many reason mostly because of his houses and two he was not even a architect he was just talented. Some say the coined the phrase "ranch style" but who really knows. Ricki and I live about a mile away from the Long Beach track, in El Dorado park, on Sundays we used to ride our bikes around the neighborhood looking for open houses. I felt like we were previewing the cool guy club that we would never get invited to meaning we would never own one. I'm ok with that... for the most part it's cool just to live by the track, we don't really go to open houses has much, all the real estate brokers got to know us by a first name bases and I think as much as they liked us, they knew we were just lookie lous. Anyway, who know maybe one day I'll blog about the day we buy a Cliff May house.

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